Single Women Empowerment

Mahila Margadarshi implementing “Single Women Empowerment Project” with the support of Centre for World Solidarity since 2008. The women who unmarried, widow, destitute, victim of trafficking, disabled, deserted, orphans, living single, survivors of VAW, young women 18-45, a high risk of acquiring STI and HIV infected are treated as single women and considered as beneficiaries of the project, we are working with 1839 direct and 3326 indirect single women beneficiaries in 20 villages, the beneficiaries formed as village sanghas, discussed themselves about their issues related to rights and accessing government programmes. Four Mandal samakhyas and a District Samakhya formed and strengthened to working on single women and their families. We regularly update their knowledge on various issues, rights and accessing Government Schemes, established linkages with Panchayats, providing assistance for income generation through the project and also from the agencies like NABARD

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