MAHILA MARGADARSHI working with Water Aid India, Centre for World Solidarity and Government Departments on Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Programme in urban slums and rural areas

Urban Sanitation:
Mahila Margadarshi is a member organization of Andhra Pradesh Women’s Network, as part of the activities Mahila Margadarshi involved as a implementing agency for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programmes in Urban Slums

Focussing on:

  • Strengthening the capacities of the communities on WASH issues
  • Door to door awareness campaign on Safe Drinking Water, Open Defecation, Hand Wash Practices, Sanitation, Menstrual Hygiene Management and Nutrition food
  • Formation and strengthening of Parent Teacher Associations / School Management Committees in Schools to deal the issues related to School Sanitation and Menstrual Hygiene Management and Provision of nutritious food under midday meal scheme
  • Working with Anganwadis’ on sanitation and hand wash practices, formation of management committees with parents
  • Organizing workshops with Government people i.e. District Level Officials, Secondary level Government Employees along with WATSAN Committees, SHGs, Youth Groups and Adolescent Girls for solving the finding out issues related to safe drinking water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
  • Working with adolescents and SHG women on Management of Menstrual Hygiene


  • Slum Communities have capacitated to manage the sanitation at slums for zero medical expenses and Preparation of Open Defecation free, sanitation managed slums and villages
  • Individual families getting aware on personnel and menstrual hygiene, manage garbage at their home for safe disposal and protect their families from dysentery, malaria and dengue,  
  • Parents and teachers were committed to provide free education to the poor children as per Right To Education Act
  • School children having clean toilets, Girl children have separate toilets along with menstrual period management facilities at schools including rest rooms and free napkin facilities
  • Progressive work done by Anganwadi Centres for provision of nutritious food, Ante Natal Care and improve the knowledge of out of school adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene
  • Government departments / Government officials collaboratively working with the communities for resolve the issues related to the Drinking Water, Sanitation, Health and Menstrual Hygiene
  • Adolescent girls capacitated as Resource Persons for Menstrual Hygiene and prepare peer groups to share the Menstrual health issues

Rural Sanitation:

  • Construction of IHHSL with the support of Government
  • Create awareness on usage of constructed IHHSL
  • Facilitation on implementation of village sanitation


Drinking Water:

  • Stress on panchayats for regular chlorination of water
  • Water testing with the support of government
  • Harvesting of rain water
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