Environment Protection

Mahila Margadarshi believes that the protection of environment is protection of human life, as part of the activities the organization initiated activities on plantation, awareness on reducing the usage of plastic and echo friendly material usage

Plantation activities:

As part of the activities Mahila Margadarshi initiated plantation activities at communities, schools and other institutions with the support of social forestry division, Srikakulam District, mobilizing the communities for initiate plantation at each household, we collect the interest of the species of plants from the communities’ well in advance and procure the same from alternative sources and supplied the same to the communities, so that communities taken interest in protection and watering of the plants.We provide protection stands to the plants which is cost of Rs. 200/- each to the communities for protection, majorly we supplied neem, almond, Gauva, amla etc.

Stop usage of plastic:

Mahila Margadarshi increasing awareness among students and communities in rural and urban areas on depraved effects of usage of plastic and probed them to reducing the usage of plastic, it is a continuous activity taken up by the organization on environment protection

Sustainable Agriculture:

Mahila Margadarshi promoting sustainable agriculture activities that promotes organic (natural) farming since year 2006 with various Government departments and other supporting agencies, since the organization promote sustainable agriculture with 3757 farmers in 16000 acres in three blocks in Srikakulam District on Paddy, Chilli, Cashew, Green Gram, Red Gram, Black Gram, Vegetables, Onion etc.,

Farmers stopped using chemical fertilizers and pesticides for their crops, using cow dung and urine extracts, panchapatra Kashaya, vermi composting, neemastram, bramhastram etc. extracts during cropping.

Sustainable Development:

Renovation and Restoration of Minor Irrigation Tanks:

As part of sustainable development activities, Mahila Margadarshi implemented Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Programme with the support of World Bank through I&CAD Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh, the organization worked on renovation of 10 minor irrigation tanks at 6 Blocks, strengthening Water User Associations of the irrigation tanks, promotion of tank based fishing, promotion of social forestry activities with the SHGs and promote social marketing of the products.  Now, the farmers enjoying the practices of tank based irrigation due to renovation of the tank under their monitoring

Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Project:

Mahila Margadarshi working with Centre for World Solidarity and Water Aid India for implementing WASH project in Srikakulam District since 2010, the objective of the program is “To Promotion and strengthening of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene status (Including School Sanitation and Menstrual Hygiene) in the intervention areas. The programme focussed on School Sanitation in the year 2015-2016 and making Open Defecation free villages and slums during 2016-17

School Sanitation & strengthening of SMCs: The organization conducted a study on school sanitation in the year 2013 in 114 schools in the district to know the status and promoting the facilities through lobbying with the Government departments as per RTE norms, organized many programmes with SMCs like focus group discussions, interaction meeting with Government Officials and improving the skills on lobbying and advocacy on issues, the focus is on promoting sanitation in schools through construction of toilets and urinals separately for boys and girls with running water facility, special constructions for girls and physically challenged children, and its proper maintenance, allotment of rest rooms for girls for menstruation times to retention the girl children in schools

Regular sessions organized for children on WASH issues, like hand wash practices, toilet usage techniques, triggering practices, health sessions and formation of “school cabinets” with children for self monitoring the activities related to school sanitation

Organize sessions, trainings and advocacy meetings with the mandal and district level Government Officials and involved in state level meetings with the officials in AP an Telangana organized by Centre for World Solidarity for advocating on the identified issues of the schools with Rajiv Vidya Mission (Education Department) and Rural Water Supply and Sanitation department, met the District and state officials for proper implementation of  guidelines and provisions in the schools as per Supreme Court guidelines. Networking with other NGOs working in WASH issues and sensitize them in identified issues of WASH in Schools, share the GOs declared by the Government for provisions

Regular monitoring of the activities of SMCs, conducting SMC meetings with the members and discussing on the issues related to the development of schools, preparation of action plan for accessing additional facilities of the schools

Health and Hygiene: Enhance awareness of school children through conducting regular health sessions, improve the knowledge of the children on health and hygiene, sharing the information of diseases through triggering activity, F-chart etc., and follow up on practices done by the children and reducing the absentees in schools

Strengthening of VWSCs: Strengthening of Village Water and Sanitation Committees (VWSCs) is one of the key activity in the project, VWSC is the subcommittee to the Gram Panchayat to give suggestions and taken up activities on WASH activities in the villages, the VWSCs are formed as per the guidelines of National Health Mission (NHM – Previously it was named as NRHM), we strengthen the committees on roles, responsibilities and rights, enhance the knowledge of the members, trained them on lobbying and advocacy initiatives and habituating them to advocating on WASH issues with Government Departments, these VWSCs are responded on repairs of water sources, water testing, cleaning and chlorination of water sources, construction of IHHLs, door to door collection of garbage, conduct awareness campaigns in the villages on WASH, monitoring school sanitation along with School Management Committee Members, suggest the GP to implement all activities related to WASH.

Making the Panchayats Open Defecation Free status:

 As part of the Activities Mahila Margadarshi working on making the panchayat open defecation free (ODF) status, the organization promote 23 rural villages in 5 mandals and 13 urban slums in municipal areas reached ODF status on end of March 2017

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