Child Protection

Child protection and Development

  • Child Protection
  • Child Development
  • Improving quality of education
  • Girl child retention and Menstrual Hygiene Management

Child Protection
Mahila Margadarshi has been successful in children’s citizenship, protection of child rights through in promoting School Cabinets (SCs) in schools and Children Action Groups (CAGs) at community level, the activities includes disseminating information on various issues such as Child Labour, Child Rights, Discrimination, Quality Education and children living with HIV/AIDS.The school cabinets / CAGs are informal association of Children.

These may be seen as a medium to ventilate the problems that children encounter, these SCs / CAGs act more as a catalyst for overall development of children and their leadership. These groups look at the issues of safety of children in their villages and schools, preventing “child marriages” and “migration” by maintaining a rapport with the parents of vulnerable children, and playing an active role in the development of the local school, these committees are helping in ensuring the Child Safety in their areas.

Child Development
For improving the dignity of children in Government schools Mahila Margadarshi providing material support like shoes, belts, ties, bags, uniforms and books and other learning material according to their need with the support of individual and institutional donors.  Improving the atmosphere of school premises child friendly, to promote retention of girl children in the schools, the organization working with the Government to construction of school toilets and rest rooms for adolescent girls. 

Improving quality of education
For improving of quality of education and learning by children Mahila Margadarshi regularly sensitizing school teachers and Anganwadi Workers for providing quality education through experienced learning by children and also sensitize the teachers and Anganwadi workers to make the school environment child friendly, regularly followed up the parents of absentee children and counselled them and try to regularize the children to the schools

Girl Child retention and Menstrual Hygiene Management
The girls studying 6th to 10th classes will absent to the school during menstrual periods, approximately 30% of girls absent from schools due to lack of awareness and facilities in the school, hence Mahila Margadarshi working with adolescents on Menstrual Hygiene Management for retention of the girl children in the schools, there was lot of myths and taboos among communities and children and traditions customs leads them to risk for their future health, hence Mahila Margadarshi promoting Menstrual Hygiene Management for Adolescent Girls and boys, formed them as core teams and peer teams and enhance the awareness on the issue as well as male responsibility during periods.

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