Mahila Margadarshi and The Hunger Project collaboratively organized a fortnight event for create awareness among tribal women in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh on the occasion of World Women's day. The programme organized from 8 th March to 25 th March 2008 in 9 tribal blocks.

The programme is designed for tribal women with an objective to create an impact on cultural practices which are linked with violence. The programme create awareness on culture, rights, Acts and stop violence etc for improving an idea for quality of life.

The event was organized in 9 tribal blocks in Srikakulam district. It was started at Mandasa and continued through Meliaputti, Bhamini, Hiramandalam, Kottur, Saravakota, Palakonda, Pathapatnam and Sitampeta mandals and ended with a district event at Sitampet..

The common issues identified during the campaign:

  • Child marriages are more in tribal area, it shows the seriousness of Srikakulam in entire state and country.
  • Lack of health facilities for tribal women causes deaths
  • There is no proper anti natal and post natal care in the area
  • Un avoidable mothers are more in the area due to cheated by non-tribe males
  • Number of non-tribe families enjoying the lands etc.,
  • Alcoholism is the major problem in tribal areas
  • Bigamy and more than three families for tribal males
  • Very less Women's leadership in the area
  • Many tribal males come out as leaders in tribal area for the common issues like PESA act, tribal rights, land issues etc., but those are not given a priority to women.
  • Lack of education facilities available for tribal girls
  • Tribal girls hostels and schools having non-tribal male teachers and wardens causes many of the tribal girls cheated by the teachers and wardens, it is find out at least 4-8 cases in every month come out for news papers.
  • Tribal girls affected for trafficking by tribes and non-tribes
  • The HIV positive cases are more in the tribal area
  • The deceases malaria and TB shows more impact on tribal families
  • Very poor income sources for tribal families
  • High number of single women in the families
  • Transportation is the major problem for the tribal villages
  • Very poor sanitation, don't have an awareness on personal hygiene
  • There is no good drinking water facilities
  • Naxalism was create violence always in tribal families
  • Domestic violence cases are more in the area
  • Girl children facing the sexual abuse with non-tribes and teachers
  • There is no adolescent education in tribal villages

Action to be taken by Mahila Margadarshi:

  • Make a plan for organizing free medical camps with the doctors and staff of PHC
  • Work out a plan for skill trainings to single women
  • Discus with government road transport organization for providing bus facilities
  • Discus with Deputy DMHO on health issues
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