Strengthening of Water User Associations

The organization has tie up with Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Programme with District Project Unit; Srikakulam on August 2007 for strengthening the managing skills for Water User Associations through capacity building for effectively managed their minor irrigation tanks for their future livelihoods. The DPD, APCBTMP allotted 10 tanks with 1486.93 ha in Tekkali, Palasa, Nandigam, Saravakota, Ranasthalam and Kaviti mandals in Srikakulam district,

The major role of Mahila Margadarshi is to facilitate the implementation process at WUA level. It is right from the awareness generation to completion of the renovation and restoration of tanks.

The role of Mahila Margadarshi

  • Effective mobilization of all the tank stakeholders to participate in the activities of the WUA
  • Institution development of the WUA for effective organizational and financial self management
  • Capacity development of the WUA in effectively performing their roles in:
  • Facilitating collection of water charges
  • O&M of tank system
  • Water auditing and water sharing
  • Promoting agricultural growth and tank based livelihoods
  • Effective participation of the WUA in planning, implementation and monitoring of the project
  • The specific tasks to be performed by various stages of the tank level project activities

The major important functions

  • Facilitate WUA in planning, implementation and post implementation of the Project.
  • Motivate and build the capacities of farmers in strengthening of their institutions and mustering farmers' participation in the project
  • Asses training needs & organize trainings with using suitable methods
  • Facilitating between WUA and DPU for effective communication
  • Provide effective support services to various stakeholders of the tank system
  • Planning and implementing the activities related to tank restoration and management
  • Reporting the operations to the DPU.


  • Mobilization of WUA members:
  • Formation of sub-committees:
  • Finance and Resource Sub Committee:
  • Works Sub Committee:
  • Water Management sub committee:
  • Monitoring & Evaluation and Training sub committee:
  • Assessment of Training needs:
  • Identification of Para workers
  • Assessment of Tank based production system
  • Identification of agricultural livelihood support services
  • Organizing Kissan Melas and
  • Maintenance of Records and books of accounts
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