Reproductive health services

Centre for World Solidarity has providing a financial support to Mahila Margadarshi, srikakulam through Andhra Pradesh Women's Network for organizing a medical camp for Reproductive Track Infections. Mahila Margadarshi used the opportunity for organizing the medical camp at Badivanipeta village of Etcherla mandal in Srikakulam district.

Badivanipeta is a remote village which is situated in a distance of 25 Kms from Srikakulam town and having more vulnerable community i.e. marine fishers. The village has only one bus facility from the town, people of the village basing on fishing and the women was always doing fish vending. Sanitation is very poor due to ignorance and illiteracy, women will not concentrating on personal hygiene. The families were seasonally migrated from here to gujarath, kandla, Bombay , assam , veeraval etc for fishing and other works. The children working as child labour, those are went to fishing when they completed an age group of 12 years

Medical facilities was very poor to the village due to remote area, the nearest PHC is at Etcherla which is a distance of 19 Kms from the village, we find out very less visits by ANMs, the anganwadi worker was providing some medical facilities to the villagers, number of “sanchi doctors” (PMP practitioners) moving around the village daily. Hence, there is a severe need to provide medical support in Badivanipeta village

An awareness campaign (small group discussion) was organized with Doctors at the medical camp venue; the women actively involved and clarify their doubts with the doctors. The major questions raised by the participants regarding white discharge, anemia and then Ms. Lakshmi Kumari asked to lady doctor to explained about personnel hygiene, adding some important points regarding personal hygiene for adolescents

The RTI medical camp is organized at Badivanipeta village with the support of Centre for World Solidarity through Andhra Pradesh Women's Network was organized on 11 th March 2008 at 9.00 am with two doctors.

  • Dr. Sri. Chintada Krishna Mohan, MBBS, Dy DLO and Medical Officer, Temporary Health ward (Leprosy), Government Head Quarters Hospital Srikakulam
  • Dr. Ms. Rajani, Medical Officer, PHC, Etcherla

The total 205 cases 140 female and 65 male were screened and providing medicine from the camp. The doctors identified that the villagers facing severe anemia, adolescents also facing the same problem, there is one more identity that those are not taken nutritious food for their health. Only one girl goes to srikakulam for studying graduation from the entire village. The people have many myths and misconceptions regarding health issues were identified during the camp.

There is a severe need to provide regular medical facilities to the village and also create awareness regarding health issues like personal hygiene, village sanitation and drinking water, violence on women and also on livelihood activities.

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