Pre Election Voter Awareness Campaign


Mahila Margadarshi working together with Participatory Research In Asia (PRIA) on Municipal elections and Centre for World Solidarity with Panchayat elections in Srikakulam district

Target Area

The activities have been taken up in three municipalities i.e. Srikakulam, Itchapuram and Amadalavalasa and four mandals i.e. Srikakulam, Etcherla, Ranasthalam and Gara

Activities (interventions)

  • Poster Campaigns
  • Wall writings
  • Small Group discussions with SHGs and other groups
  • TV clippings for elected a good personality as a leader
  • Street plays for electing good personality
  • Slide campaign in theatres
  • Mobile announcements

Outcome of the Project

The campaign has given good message to the public with above activities, Small group discussions was organized in 36 wards in Srikakulam Municipality and 204 villages in panchayat elections with SHG, DWACRA and SHG women and leaders, women from SHGs shall take active parts in this programme. The participation of College youth in this programme has an advantage to create awareness among the people on usage of EVM because they are new to voting on municipal elections. People, who are participated in the meetings, asked about the problems to the contestants and then finalized their cost of vote. The TV and movie clippings also create awareness among the public for the right of vote and selection of candidates

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