Mahila Margadarshi has tie-up with Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty through its Mandal level agencies i.e. Mandal Mahila Samakhyas Ranasthalam, Etcherla and Mandasa on Implementation of Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture programme in 13 clusters of each five villages in the cluster in Ranasthalam, Etcherla, Mandasa mandals in Srikakulam district along with 6988 farmers in 23,621 Acres . The programme was implemented in 5 villages in Ranasthalam, 5 villages in Etcherla and 55 villages in Mandasa Mandals and working with 42 Village Organizations.

The programme implemented in Cashew, Paddy, Chilly, Green gram, Black gram, Ground Nut and Vegetables. The main objective of the programme is reducing application of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizer and improves the cultivation through sustainable management practices i.e. summer ploughs, seed treatment, community flames, bird perches, alloys, boarder crops, inter crops and economy systems 

The programme support goes to SHG member families in the area, the ultimate goal is to reduce cost of cultivation and at the same time provide chemical free food to the people.

The programme implemented through a 5 year road map to reach goals as prepare organic villages in the state

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