Capacity Building of Elected Women Representatives


The Hunger Project and Mahila Margadarshi collaboratively working on capacity building of Elected Women Representatives in Panchayat raj in Sarubujjili, LN Peta, Srikakulam and Etcherla mandals in Srikakulam district.

Mahila Margadarshi organized Block Level Workshops in all four mandals before organizing Women's Leadership Workshops. The Block Level Workshops were focused on the concept of WLWs with involving all stake holders. An action plan was taken up during BLW from the EWRs for attending WLWs which were preplanned by the organization.

Each Woman's Leadership Workshop has organized with 25 to 35 woman participants focused on enhancing the leadership of woman at panchayat level, the module compiled with Social Citizenship and Political Citizenship of woman, 73 rd amendment in Panchayat raj Act, Gramasabha and its importance, Vision for a EWR and Planning for its implementation. The entire three days session was organizing in participatory method for easily understand and easily responding by the EWRs

Block Level Workshops

The Block Level Workshops was organized at meetings halls of Mandal Parishad Offices at Sarubujjili, LN Peta, Etcherla and Srikakulam mandals.

The overall concept of the Block Level Workshops were focused the concept of the Capacity Building of EWRs. The BLWs were informed to all Sarpanches, woman ward members, woman MPTCs, ZPTC, Madal Parishad President (MPP), Mandal Parishad Development Officer, Mandal Revenue Officer and District Panchayat Officer, invite all of them to BLWs.

The BLW organized in one day, morning session focusing on the concept, need of woman's leadership and collecting the opinions of the other male representatives. The session is leaded by the MDO, MPP, Sarpanches and ward members and simultaneously taken up the opinions of EWRs and the evening session exclusively for preparation of action plan for find out the feasibility for attend the women's leadership workshops by the EWRs.

Women's Leadership Workshops

Women's Leadership Workshops was organized centrally at Srikakulam; each workshop was organized for 25-35 participants in three residential days with involvement of woman MPTCs, Sarpanches and Ward members.

Woman's Leadership Workshops focused on:

  • Social citizenship
  • Political citizenship
  • 73 rd constitutional amendment
  • Vision and Planning

Out come of the project

  • EWRs come out with effective leadership from “I cannot” to “I can” and willing to participate in all meetings and grama sabhas in their area.
  • All EWRs hike their confidence and personal growth levels towards their leadership and become sense of self-respect, dignity and have a confidence she become a good leader
  • Understand the gender constraints, why women always looking as secondary citizen and their involvement towards mainstreaming gender. Setting aside societal inequities and stepping out as equal citizens
  • Sense of solidarity amongst themselves towards deal the issues at panchayat level and district level
  • Understand about the 73 rd constitutional amendment, and its provisions and how it was misused.
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities and their right to ask the non-working government departments at village level.
  • EWRs open up during the gender session, sharing the violence situations held in the family and society.
  • Discussions about discrimination during the Panchayat meetings
  • Caste discrimination
  • Discrimination because of having all girl children.
  • Discrimination because of poverty etc.
  • Identification of women issues at village level and how discussion raised on gender issues during Panchayat meet
  • Contesting information if their ward is unreserved for women.
  • All are willing to develop a support structure at district level for their issues
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