About Us

MAHILA MARGADARSHI is a non-political, non-religious women's service organization established in the year 1998, initiated its work in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam Districts with its major objective “ to provide issue based lobbying, advocacy and development services for urban and rural marginalized communities for their empowerment, sustainability and violence free life ”. Since its initiation, the organization has a network with other women NGOs in the state and concentrating on the rights of women. Through constant evaluation of its work along with the feed back of the community the organization has and is focusing on:

  • Stop Violence against Women and Domestic Violence,
  • Capacity Building of Elected Women Representatives in Panchayat Raj on gender based violence.
  • Working with single women for Reducing Risk
  • Reproductive and Child Health Activities
  • Enhancing resources at village level for prevention and control of HIV & AIDS
  • Preventing Girl Children and Women Trafficking.
  • Working with rural farmers for organic farming
  • Strengthening the Water User's Association for effective management of irrigation tanks.
  • Enhancing Leadership qualities in urban SHG women.
  • Pre-Election Voter Awareness Campaign in Urban and Rural elections.
  • Prevention Control and Rehabilitation of Child Labor.
  • The above activities doing through involving various stake holders like SHG women, Youth Groups, Village leaders, Government Officials, Students, farmers, children, adolescent girls etc., for reaching the goals.  We are providing a wider coverage of our activities at district level.  

Legal Status of the organization:

  • Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
  • Registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976
  • Registered under Income Tax Act under sections 12 A and 80 G

Vision Statement: 

  • The scenario we envisage is one in which the marginalized and disempowered communities can gain access and control over their resources which are essential for their livelihood.
  • The major issues are to focus on access and control over the primary sources for their economic well being.
  • With this as a base, women's empowerment, sustainable development activities, including appropriate technological development, must take place at a pace in which local communities have a decisive say.

Mission statement:

  • To mobilize women in thinking process to understand the situation of their status, activating self to establish and interaction among themselves.
  • To build and manage appropriate and innovative local level institution rooted in values of justice, equity and mutual support, which can ensure the sustainable livelihoods of the marginalized communities.
  • To develop and facilitate activists with capacities to intervene in the problem situation in the context of a macro development perspective.
  • To facilitate empowerment of women for gender and social justice and their overall development.
  • To promote peoples organizations at the grass root level and networking amongst them.
  • To influence public policies in favor of the poor and to build supportive institutional links between official institutions and people's organizations.
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